An Elderly Homeless Man Suffers the Brunt of ‘Black Mamba’

An elderly homeless man has suffered the ‘killer lows’ of the ‘zombie’ lethal-high in Birmingham, in his attempt to “sleep easier” on Colmore Row. On October 6th at 18:06 PM, the homeless man of 3 years showed severe symptoms of seizures following an overdose of synthetic cannabinoid.

Black mamba is described to be “unfit for human consumption”, says paramedic Chantelle Williams of West Midlands Ambulance Service and has devastated the homeless community of Birmingham. The man had fallen unconscious after falling down a set of concrete steps during his seizures.

mamba story
Bethany Blower, 18 year old student rushes to the aid of 67 year old homeless man, Philip Lee

Chantelle and Richard of WMAS and an 18 year old undergraduate mental health nurse, Bethany Blower were able to awaken Mr Philip Lee, 67. Police arrived at the scene of the incident. Medical student Bethany Blower (the woman in the image above) said that she had seen a spike in the amount of spice and mamba-related attacks when travelling to university and throughout Wolverhampton. “I have seen three homeless men this week on mamba and they all looked completely out of it”, a typical sign of the ‘zombie’ effect that characterises mamba-users.

A former Mamba addict, David Emery said that the emergence of mamba had been massively detrimental upon the homeless community of Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Emery had witnessed and experienced numerous cases of “the black mamba lows” whilst living on the streets and stressed the difficulty of the detox process for synthetic cannabis compared to class A drugs from personal experience. Chantelle of WMAS said that “the drug has not been fully analysed”, therefore lowering the dosage to an amount that is ‘fit for human consumption’ in the detox process is claimed to be more difficult than the detox process for heroin addiction.

Synthetic cannabis is a major health issue throughout Birmingham, mainly affecting the homeless and less affluent. This recent drug emergence is debated to be an effect of the illegalisation of cannabis-sativa. “If marijuana was legal, mamba wouldn’t be an issue” said David Emery and considering that cannabinoid compounds were originally created by John Huffman as a scientific experiment to legally show the effects of cannabis, question why harmful synthetic drugs were branded as legal, yet less harmful substances like cannabis-sativa were rated Class B and illegal.

The question is, how can we put an end to contaminated synthesised drugs throughout Birmingham? Would this be an issue if cannabis-sativa was legalised, regulated and controlled rather than allowing the dangerous chemical contamination of ‘legal highs’ to continue? Every six seconds there is a tobacco-related death and every thirteen seconds there is an alcohol-related death however, cannabis has not been proven to be particularly life-threatening whereas its synthesised version takes the lives of thousands of homeless people every year. Would legalising cannabis-sativa be the lesser of two evils? Should political figure-heads re-evaluate to avoid this deadly emergence in the future?

If you witness someone experiencing mamba-related seizures, an ambulance should be called immediately, objects that may injure them should be moved out of their area and they should be placed into the recovery position.


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