EVENTS MANAGEMENT What I’m Working On: The Surge In Spring II Eclectic Music Festival

So I embarked on my first real PR experience!  I became involved with The Surge over the Easter break where I got the chance to create social media content, stage manage at the festival AND meet the artists who will be performing at The MAC in Birmingham on the day!


So what is The Surge?

A feel-good festival where eclectic music lovers can enjoy a family day out, gain musical culture and appreciate the outdoor location of Cannon Hill Park; Birmingham’s recreational woodland area, to get a real feel of Spring!
Firstly, its an incredibly multi-cultural festival where artists from three different continent are collaborating to create ultimate musical richness and staged diversity in both their music and in their art installments.

The Line Up

The Surge is offering a plethora of artistically intelligent and musically genius entertainment for the day, giving the spotlight to a multitude of genres.

The Performers
MC Juice Aleem, jazz drummer Mark Sanders and jazz saxophonist Rachel Musson, clarinettist Mohamed Najem, poet and author Liz Berry.

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